søndag den 1. september 2019

Rules of Summer

I've made a little journal so I can write down my thoughts for this summer.

Walking around the dunes just behind the North Sea and still hearing the waves
hit the beach and feel the fresh air is one of my rules for a great summer.

Finding beach things and picking flowers and leaves that I can use
in my flower press, and saving for winter projects is also one of my rules.

I have used:
DecoArt media:
White gesso, Modeling paste, Crackle paint
DecoArt Crafters Acrylic:
Cinnamon brown, Brilliant blue, Golden brown, Bright orange, Yellow
and Citrus Green
DecoArt media Fluid Acrylics:
Translucent white, Quinacridone Gold, Quinacridone violet

Andy Skinner Stamps: ASCRS06 Toxic, ASCRS11AS Fossils, CEASRS002 Dem Bones
and ASCSA5018
Mixed media Transfers CEAST003

I'm still looking for skeletons of birds and other animals, it's never succeeded.

A really good rule of mine is to find a nice retaurant that serves fresh fish
with new potatoes and parsley sauce.

I started with an A3 watercolor paper that I applied gesso, paste, crackle paint on.
When everything was dry, I tore the pages to the size I have shown here.
Then I painted, drew, stamped and aged the pages.
I sewed the sides together with waxed thread and put beads at the end.

My focal points are stamped on other coarse paper, stitched
with embroidery thread with gauze behind.

Thanks for your patience for my long post, I hope you like my North Sea rules LOL

I hope to see you at the Septemper Challenge

Many loving thoughts to you all
hugs, Susan

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