søndag den 22. september 2013

Tarot ATC and Tags

I'm very proud to be winner of the Captured Memories Challenge, and to have the opportunity to be spotlighted as September Top talent.

You can read the interview with me on Our Creative Corner

I had to decide what kind of work, I would make, and I didn't know. Then my husband said, when you made The Tower tarot card as an ATC card, you said that once you might make some of the other cards. Maybe this is now? I thougt about it a little while, and then I picked 4 cards from the Major Arcana, and made them my way ;-)

For the backs, I cut ATC card-pieces from a print, that I had done with my Gelli Plate.
They looked different, so I made them "look alike" by decoration.

The oldest known Tarot Cards are from the 15th century, and a couple of days after I had made the ATC cards, I thought what would tarot cards look like nowadays. And it came to me Tarot Tags (sounds cool!) and I made these 4:

You can read the interview with me on Our Creative Corner

Thanks for visiting my blog, and may your dreams come true ...

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  1. Hello Susan, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your interview over at OCC, particularly as you would love to go back in time to visit Leonardo and his wonderful steampunk creations! Your ATCs and Tarot tags are amazing, I really love your use of colour and your very clever interpretations! Hugs, Anne x

  2. OMG OMG OMG I absolutely LOVE tarot cards, and yours came out just stunning. My jaw dropped when I saw them on the Our Creative Corner site - these are phenomenal, my friend. Great job! :)

  3. Wow! Fabulous cards! You created some real beauties!

  4. Oh, congrats for being spotlighted as the top talent, you sure deserve this! I enjoy visiting your blog and looking at your artwork. This is no exception, the cards are just stunning! Love all of them, and te tags too, of course. And I love how you made the background of the cards. The skeleton is my favorite, though. I'm a sucker for everything bony :-) Very well done. To alter playing cards is on my long to do list too, but up to now I don't have no dazzling idea ... Suzanne x

  5. Completely fantastic ATCs and tags - they really look amazing, Susan. Stunning use of colour and all the images look wonderful. It was so lovely to read a bit more about you - as you know, I've been a fan for a long time! I certainly envy you that time on the island. The light must have been amazing. Congratulations on being our Top Talent, and thank you for your beautiful creations.
    Alison x

  6. Wow - stunning work Susan. Congratulations on being Top Talent - these are superb. Nicola x

  7. Love your tarot cards, Susan!

    They are such a thoughtful and artistic project! Tarot cards have always been fascinating to me too but I never had the idea of doing a personal interpretation. Yours is absolutely fantastic! So much food for thought! Thank you!

    Claudia x

  8. Love all of these Tarot cards Susan. Such a clever idea to bring them up to date too. Your use of colour is amazing and I'm so pleased your work has been spotlighted at Our Creative Corner. Hugs, Jenny x

  9. kjempestilige tags, og utrolig flotte detaljer! :)


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