fredag den 1. november 2019

Three Times Swimming

Remember that SanDee&amelie's Steampunk Challenges run for 2 months,
November and December. We hope you will come at play with us.

I came across a nice quote or reminder how to get the nicest dinner and I'm thinking of New Year's Eve. It is a tadition with fish this evening here in Denmark.

I love Andy Skinner's Forssils stamps and I wanted to use DecoArt's fluid acrylics
as a watercolor to make them vibrant and I think they
became beautiful in these colors.

I have used: DecoArt media Fluid Acrylics: Cobalt teal hue, Cadmium orange hue,
Quinacridone burnt orange, Dioxazine purple.
Stamps ASCRS11 AS Forssils
Creative Expressions, Andy Skinner Transfers
Black embossing powder
Mini gear dies, Watercolorpaper and black pen.

The card background I have used is my brayer to mix orange,
brown and some purple to get rust color

We hope you will come at play with us at

I wish you all creative and active months and wonderful holidays
until we see each other again. Hugs, Susan

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