onsdag den 15. juni 2016

Milestone ATC

We have now become grandfather and grandmother to a little girl and all are healthy and in good spirits.

I have made what is called Milestone in ATC size. My daughter thinks it would be fun to get milestonecard that I had made. And what do you not do when you have to become a grandmother (lol) and I love our daughter. It came to 52 + 2 jokers. I have painted with acrylic color and used my brayer to spread the color on A4 sheets of paper - a multi-paper 250 g, which can be used for wet colors. I cut the cards to the ATC size, stamped, outlinede and came texts on.

So now it's up to the new mother to write a little on the back of the cards.

Here is a small selection.

Many hugs, Susan

4 kommentarer:

  1. What a lovely idea! Biggest congratulations to your family, Susan! <3

  2. Tillykke, Bedstemor! :-) That's wonderful news! ♥
    Love your milestone album - great idea for new parents!

  3. This is a wonderful creation Susan!!!! I love the idea, and all your samples within your milestone album are gorgeous!
    Congratulations for being a grandmother, really a new big milestone indeed :)
    Hugs to you
    ~Corinne (Coco)

  4. Thank you for your congratulations, now we have seen that little gold nugget. She is sweet and really soft skin. Hugs


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