lørdag den 6. oktober 2018

"Creature Comforts" - *ART*JOURNAL*JOURNEY - OKTOBER 2018

Linda from heARTfullyinspiredby Linda is the host on *AJJ* and the theme is "Creature Comforts"
Thank you Linda for the inspiration.

I immediately came to think of our vacation, at the North Sea,
where there were lots of insects.
One night I managed to get 20 mosquito bites and I'm pretty bothered and my advice is to rub with raw onions, it helps on my mosquito bite and yet I miss that lovely summer.

A little greeting from the North Sea where the fishing boats are pulled up on the beach.

I wish you a creative weekend and the month of October with lots of inspiration.
Hugs, Susan

4 kommentarer:

  1. This is absolutely STUNNING, Susan. You draw SO well, and I was very impressed with your mosquito. I have the same problem at my home, but you have drawn that mosquito perfectly. This is a wonderful entry for Linda's theme at Art Journal Journey and we are delighted you shared it with us.

  2. Hihihi..I killed two mosquitos this morning in my bath room... they can make nights into nightmare!
    Your fabulous bug on the beautiful branch can not bite somebody... an adorable painting! Great to see you again and even at Art Journal Journey with your amazing art!
    Happy weekend and October for you too!
    Hugs, Susi

  3. this is such a fabulous page , I love it!!! Never heard of rubbing onion on mosquito bites hmmm...
    looks like a lovely spot to vacation by the sea. Thanks so much for joining in at AJJ!

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments Elizabeth, Susi and Linda, I love AJJ, it's a good and free concept. Hugs, Susan


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