mandag den 1. oktober 2018

Survivoring Halloween ...

October is Halloween, and different artists have good examples of what meaning it is for them.
I feel scared in the dark ...

Here is the beginning of a poem by Robert Graves


Despair and doubt in the blood:
Autumn, a smell rotten-sweet:
What stirs in the drenching wood?
What drags at my heart, my feet?
What stirs in the wood?

Once in a blasted wood,
A shrieking fevered waste,
We jeered at Death where he stood:
I jeered, I too had a taste
Of Death in the wood.

 Here's what I've used:
DecoArt Media Gesso White, Black and Paste
Andy Skinner/Tando Creative stencil Skullduggery
Andy Skinner/DecoArt stencil Incoqnito

 Archival ink, art journal, fabric with rust, gaze, cardboard, quote chips,
charcoal and watercolor

Forgive if I'm too serious.
One of my favorite writers is Robert Graves and his poem fits my feelings
on this journal page.

I wish you a creative month and come join us

Hugs, Susan

3 kommentarer:

  1. Such a dramatic piece of art Susan, I love how the skull almost melts into that rusted fabric panel. I can almost imagine it hidden within the undergrowth of woodlands.
    Fabulous words and pictures.
    Thank you for the inspiration.
    Creative wishes Tracey x

    1. Thanks Tracey for your lovely comment, and Robert Graves is one of my favorite writers...Hugs, Susan

  2. Wow! Super cool and dark and spooky! Your skeleton is awesome with its dark layers and raggedy edges! Maura


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