torsdag den 21. marts 2019

Hello springtime - *ART*JOURNAL*JOURNEY* March 2019

Jo from Let's Art Journal is this month's host at *ART*JOURNAL*JOURNEY*
A nice topic where everything begins...

Then it's time to build a nest, to sing and buzz and the life has to start again.

The little bird is inspired by Geninne D. Zlatkis's from her book
"Birds in Watercolor, Collage and Ink", a great book
recommended by Claudia from Steampunk challenges.

I have used Dina Wakley paint and stencil. Some ink and pen.

Photo from a small park located right by where we live.
There I saw a small branch that I took home.

I wish you a good spring month, hugs Susan

fredag den 1. marts 2019

Fossils - journal page and ATC

Welcome dear blog readers, this time it's a long post, I hope you will like it !

Come play with us at SanDee&amelie's Steampunk Challenges 

Fossils are some of the things I love to gather on the beach, and I become dizzy by thinking about how old these can be...

I am having fun experimenting, first with the colors of my gelli plate. I have tried to hit tones from the beach and sea, afterwards with different media with my stencil.
I have used stencil and stamp designed by Andy Skinner.

I have used different crayons to achieve depth and fullness.

Here are some details.

I have used DecoArt media:
Crackle paste, Crackle glaze, Black and white gesso
 DecoArt media fluid acrylics:
Titan buff, Dioxazine purple. Quinacridone gold, Quinacridone burnt orange,
Transparent yellow iron oxide, Translucent white, Cadmium orange hue,
Cobalt Turquoise hue, Yellow green light.
DecoArt stencil Andy Skinner Fossil and Industrial elements.
Andy Skinner stamp: ASCRS03, ASCRSH AS Fossils and
ASCSA5018 Tempting Textures.

One of my experiments was cut into ATCs.
Then stamped on tissue paper with Andy Skinner Stamps Fossils.

 I also used color pencils, wax, shapie pen, tea bags, thread,
sewing machine and tissue paper.

Come and play with us in March, at SanDee&amelie's Steampunk Challenges.
Maybe you're lucky to win big prizes.

I wish you all a fantastic month and now there is not long time to spring. ;-))
Hugs, Susan

fredag den 1. februar 2019

The little girls

Old photos are always interesting, when I saw this I thought these girls were very
quiet, thoughtful and awaiting.
The girls had to have a frame that, like backing up the
atmosphere this image radiated.

I have made various pieces of 250g papers with different textures,
cut into strips and put together again with canvas fabric and
a small piece of fabric with embroidery

I have used: DecoArt media
crakle paint, paste and DecoArt matte medium, Black and white gesso
DecoArt media fluid acrylics:
Titan buff, Raw umber, Prussian blue hue, Quinacridone burnt orange
and Quinacridone gold
DecoArt media Antiquing cream
Tando Creative Masks/cogs

Design paper, gear, embroidery thread, ink to the edges and an old photo

I hope you liked my frame, here are some details.

Come visit and take part in the challenge at
we would love to see your project.

I wish you a nice February with lots of light
Hugs, Susan

søndag den 6. januar 2019

Geometric Shapes * Art*Journal*Journey* 2019

First, I wish everyone a Happy New Year!!!

Is it a new challenge with host Alison/Craftytrog on AJJ and I am excited with this theme, and there are many ways to solve this ...

I have drawn from a photo in a magazine and
I have used Derwent color pencils and Panpastel color on the stencil.

My Journal is 22,5x30,5 cm.

I wish everyone get a great 2019 with many good crafting hours at the desk.
Hugs, Susan

Link to : Geometric Shapes

tirsdag den 1. januar 2019

A new year has started.

Happy New Year!

To all my good blog readers and Steampunkers.
It will be very exciting what the new year offers, what I know is that DecoArt has come up with something new and good, get over at SanDee&amelie's Steampunk Challenges and see!

On the first day of the new year I have made something I can wear on my blouse.

 I have used:
DecoArt media Black gesso, Crackle Glaze, Crackle paint, Crackle paste,
Antiquing cream Patina green
DecoArt media fluid acrylics quinacridone Gold
Andy Skinner Stamp ASCRS04
TandoCreative Tag and Industrial Elements/Andy Skinner
Boozybear gears

 I have also picked up some cones in the forest, used my sewing machine for the edges on the ribbon, rust wire and wax.
The band behind my tag is new found from a supermarket by my husband.

The size is 8x15 cm

I wish you all a new and exciting crafting year and I will be happy to see you
Hugs, Susan

tirsdag den 11. december 2018

December post #1 - The Paper Crafting Magazine Scandinavian Edition 2018

This is my last post on TPC.

It has been exciting to participate in The Paper Crafting Magazine
and I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Hugs, Susan

lørdag den 1. december 2018

December wishes to all good readers at SASPC and on my blog 2018

I wish peace and good harmony for all people of the world.

I wish Steampunk DTs, and the boss, DecoArt and Boozybear
a merry christmas and a happy new year.

 I came past old posters last time I was in Jutland and I could not help taking great pieces of these posters.

I have used: Americana Decou-page matte DecoArt
DecoArt media: Black gesso, crackle paint, Matte medium and
Liquid glass clear.
Tando creative greyboard tags.

From my stash: Text, heart, napkin, rust wire, scraps and string.

I hope to see you next year at SanDee&amelie's Steampunk Challenges.

I wish you a good Christmas month and
that you will jump well into the new year 2019.
Hugs, Susan

tirsdag den 27. november 2018

tirsdag den 13. november 2018

November post #1 - The Paper Crafting Magazine Scandinavian Edition 2018

Here is my new post in November to TPC, I hope that you'll visit the magazine.

I wish you a good crafting at your desk and a lovely month.
Hugs, Susan

tirsdag den 6. november 2018

Vintage -*Art *Journal *Journey* - November 2018

A new challenge on AAJ, which is being hosted by Erika from  BioArtGal
I chose to make a "raggedy" as vintage and Nik the Booksmith has inspired me.
It's scrap that has been on my desk for a long time.

And Erika found a wonderful theme.

I have written on my flower card:
"The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all."

(It's a quote and I can not remember who has said it.)

My raggedy will live in my 22x22 cm dylusion journal as a lovely reminder of freedom to attend *Art*Journal*Journey.

I wish everyone a really good November month.
Hugs, Susan

*Art*Journal*Journey*- November 2018

torsdag den 1. november 2018

Steampunk ATCoins on a line.

Remember our November/December
 come and play with us

The new in blogland is ATCoins and there are already many different ways to design these. I've put mine on line with a little fabric and it's a wonderful format to work on.

I have used DecoArt media White gesso, Crackle paint, Matte medium.
DecoArt media fluid acrylics quinacridone gold and violet, yellow oxide, translucent white and cadmium orange hue. Bike chains and Flaming hearts. Andy Skinner stamp ASCSA50I8

I have also used the sewing machine, embossing powder, small tag, stamps, beads, gear, rust wire, doll and text.

I wish you great months for crafting. Many thoughts and hugs, Susan

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